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Christopher Wise

Christopher Wise is a Nascla General Contractor Licensed in 13 states and the Virgin Islands. Executive Project Director of Legacy Brothers Inc, Owner of Creative Venture Enterprises, LLC, and a holds an environmental consultant certification with the EPA nationwide as a firm.


Christopher Wise


PO Box 8027

West Palm Beach, Florida 33407



NASCLA General Contractor, Real-Estate Sales/Investment Portfolio's, Commercial & Residential Building Inspector, Mold Inspection/Abatement, Lead & Asbestos Inspection/Abatement, Indoor Air Quality Manager, Management Planner (Asbestos/Lead), O&M Publication, Thermal Imaging, Environmental & Air Testing (Air, Tape, Bulk, Water, Soil).


Christopher Wise - Executive Project Director

Raul Varas

Raul Varas has been in the construction Industry since 1995 and has personally overseen the construction of over 1000 structures ranging from homes, multi-family dwellings, and condominiums to commercial facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and banks. Raul holds a diverse knowledge in construction and infrastructure.

Raul Varas

PO Box 8027

West Palm Beach, Fl 33407


Raul Varas - Partner

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Architect - Mark Jenkins

Legacy Brothers Primary Architect of note.


Mark Jenkins

605 Belvedere Rd. Ste.7

West Palm Beach, Fl 33405


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